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Written by Money Mata - aka - Damodhar Mata
on November 13, 2015

If you had a goose that laid golden eggs, would you insure the eggs or the goose that lays them?

The reality is most us are choosing to insure the eggs instead of the goose!!

We insure our assets like car, home and contents etc; but fail to insure the income we earn...

The income we earn as salary, commission or profit is the golden goose, and it can stop due to risks like death, disability and critical illness.

As long the income is flowing, the eggs or the assets we buy from it keep coming; but if the income stops, then what happens?

How to protect this?

In UAE, Loss of income can be insured by adequate life and critical illness insurance; provided by leading life insurance providers like Zurich International Life, Salama, Friends Provident and Metlife.

As an Independent Financial Adviser, I help residents in UAE select the right insurance and investment plans, helping them create wealth, while protecting loss of income and assets.

What about you, have you insured your Golden Goose?

If not what are your waiting for...

To know how to protect your Golden Goose, call me on 0502285405 or arrange a Free Consultation.

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