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Tick-a-Week Savings Challenge - The First Cue.

By | on 06, Jan 2018 |   Savings Challenge tick_a_week

Thanks a Ton and best wishes for those who have joined the Tick-a-Week Savings Challenge. For those who have not joined yet, you still have time. Click here to know more about the challenge and join i[...]

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11 Shrewd Questions to Enhance Your Financial Well Being.

By | on 03, Jan 2018 |   Financial Adviser Dubai Financial Advisor in Dubai

Our lives are shaped by the questions we ask. Good questions lead to good outcomes and bad questions lead to bad outcomes. - Michael Hyatt Let's resolve to ask others and more importantly ourselves ma[...]

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Happy New Year 2018

By | on 01, Jan 2018 |

Wishing all my blog visitors, followers and clients a very Happy and Prosperous New Year! Thank you for all the continued support, comments, social media follow/sharing, and most importantly your valu[...]

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5 Simple Steps To Save & Invest For Your Child's Education - Money Mata's Blog

By | on 26, Dec 2017 |   education savings plan Education Savings

College fees and associated costs are rapidly rising across the world and UAE is no exception. In fact, UAE is one of the top 5 expensive private school fees destinations across the world. Thanks to i[...]

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

By | on 24, Dec 2017 |


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5 Reasons to Join the Tick-a-Week Savings Challenge

By | on 20, Dec 2017 |   Savings Challenge Save More in 2018

Tick-a-Week Savings Challenge starts 1st January 2018. The following are the five reasons you must join this challenge.

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Tick your Way to Saving More in 2018 - Small Wins, Big Savings

By | on 15, Dec 2017 |   Savings Challenge Charles Duhigg, Progress Principle

As you might already know that the Tick-a-week savings challenge starts on 1st January 2018. This challenge is unique, scientific and most importantly fun. It is based on the Progress Principle and th[...]

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Can you save one month's income? - Tick a Week Savings Challenge 2018

By | on 11, Dec 2017 |   Savings Challenge tick_a_week

Do you want to save more in 2018? Join Tick-a-Week - Savings Challenge, end the year with a savings of at least one month's income!

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Investing for your child's higher education? - 7 important points to consider

By | on 07, Dec 2017 |   education savings plan Education Savings

Saving for their children's higher education is perhaps the number one financial priority for parents in UAE.  As they have more reasons to worry about their education costs than most parts of the wor[...]

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Endowment Policy - Understanding the Benefits and Limitations. - Financial Planning in Dubai

By | on 02, Dec 2017 |   Life Insurance Endowment Plan Endowment policy Guaranteed Investments Insurance

An endowment policy is like a savings plan with life cover. It provides a risk-free and guaranteed return on maturityas long as you make the payments agreed at the inception of the policy.

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